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Career Coaching

Guided Employment Services
Guided by our Employment Counsellors we can help you move towards your employment goal. Your personalized action plan will ensure you tap into all the services you’ll need.
Personalized Action Plan

The action plan is a mutually agreed road map between you and your Employment Counsellor. It is used to support you in achieving objectives using a step by step process.

Determine the objectives

It all starts with your goal.  Whether you want to start a new career, or get re-hired/ work for a new employer, or start your own business, we will develop an feasible, step by step action plan with you.


The action plan reflects on your unique strengths, employment considerations and employment service you will need.


Goal-oriented services
Build a personalized action plan
Frequently Asked Questions 

Q: What's the eligibility?

A: If you are a case-managed client, you are eligible to develop an action plan with the employment counsellor.

Q: At what stage would the employment counsellor build an action plan with the job seeker?

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