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Skills Training Programs

Project Based Labour Market Training (PBLMT)
Gaining new skills and experience necessary for employment. Through a classroom instruction and on-the-job work experience (where appropriate) delivered in a supported project-based training model, you are able to build on existing skills and increase your network of potential employers.
Featured Programs
Industrial Trades Training Red Seal Certification
Medical Office Assistant
Building Service Worker + 
Training Program
Virtual Customer Service / Digital Skills Training
Technical Training Certificate Program
Immigrant Dental Assistant Training
Fast Track Education Assistant
Fast Track to Technology      ( Advanced)
Industrial Sewing Training Program
Infrastructure Construction Trades
Mental Health and Personal Support Worker Dual Certificate Program
Industrial Trades Training (MILLWRIGHT)
Fast Track to Infrastructure Construction (F21C)
Industrial Trades Training Red Seal Certification (Automotive Services Technician/ Millwright/ Welder
Free Construction Trades Training Program for Red Seal Certification
Professional Truck Driver Essential Skills Training /Class 1 Essential Skills 
* Please contact WorkBC Richmond to confirm the program start date and your eligibility for participation. From there, you may obtain the detailed program information.
All case managed clients are eligible for Skills Enhancement, this includes BCEA and General Clients
Frequently Asked Question
Q: What are the steps needed before attending the skills training program?

A: For the very first step, you will need to register for the Online Employmnet Services.  Once you become a case-managed client of WorkBC Richmond, you will work with an Employment Counsellor to develop a personalized action plan. From there, you can express your interest in skills training program participation.
Click to view how WorkBC Richmond will guide the client throughout the employment journey.
Is any of the programs in your interest? 
Contact us to learn more about your eligibility and program information.
Occupational Skills Training Program
Gaining new skills and credentials could be your edge to advance your career or start a new employment path. 
Learning at an educational institution

Through occupational skills training, you will gain the skills and knowledge necessary to obtain employment in a chosen occupation. The training will be a part of a defined curriculum that meets a minimum mandatory entry requirement for an occupation or industry, and lead to a certificate, diploma or degree that is recognized by educational institutions and/or industry.

Your certification/diploma/ degree training program could be free

All case managed clients are eligible for Skills Enhancement, this includes BCEA and General Clients.

Real Client Story  

After being an international freight coordinator for 20 years, the client was laid off due to the COVID 19 pandemic. When the client came to WorkBC Richmond, she stated that her primary goal is not to work in an intense office office and she looks for skills trainings to secure a long term job.


" I would like to do the job to take care of kids since 2012. With WorkBC Richmond's help, I can study the Early Childhood Education program (at a local college), it makes my dream come true. Thank you WorkBC Richmond for the continuous supports in these 3 months"   

        Client V.

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