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Learn New Skills and Gain a New Career

A Client was referred to WorkBC by a community service provider. Client has been unemployed since 2020 and actively job searching with unsuccessful results in securing sustainable employment through their own efforts and was living off their savings.


Client met with WorkBC Employment Counsellor (EC) to explore job options within their career path. Client decided to pivot to the public maintenance sector, as there were limited opportunities available related to his previous work as a hardware technician.


One of the client’s barriers was the lack of current skills and training to pursue a career in Landscaping. Employment Counsellor reviewed the Project Based Labour Market Training (PBLMT) - Public Works Technician Training program and its eligibility criteria with the client. EC also assisted the client in organizing documents required for acceptance into the PBLMT program. Through this process, the client successfully registered and was accepted into the PBLMT - Public Works Program with PICS.  


While participating in the PBLMT training program, Employment Counsellor continued to support client.  Financial support was provided to the client based on the financial needs assessment. WorkBC EC worked closely with PICS, the service provider, in order to ensure that the Client was on track for success within the program.  


Client successfully completed the Registered Public Works Technician Training – PBLMT Program on July 15, 2022. This program provided Client with relevant industry certificates and knowledge. Client also received occupational skills related to public works, working safely, use of tools and equipment, environmental best practices, repairing roads and sidewalks, water systems, sanitary and storm sewer systems, building maintenance, parks, recreation facilities, and fire protection systems. Client is now registered as a Provincial Public Works Technician by ASTTBC.  


Client secured full-time employment as a Landscaper with Para Space. Client currently works 40 hours a week and earns $21.50 per hour. By accessing WorkBC services and participating in the PBLMT program, the client acquired the skills and training necessary for a job in public maintenance and successfully obtained related employment.  


Client is grateful for all the support that he received from his Employment Counsellor at the WorkBC Richmond office.

Gain New Skills and Credentials

"Client expressed her gratitude for all the support she received from WorkBC."

Client is 35 years old, separated from spouse, and a single mom to two children ages 8 & 14 years old.    Emigrated from the Philippines in 2017 and holds a PR status. Upon arrival, Client worked as a Nanny for a private family, unfortunately due to pandemic, the employer laid her off at the end of 2020. Client applied for EI benefits and referred by Service Canada to WorkBC for job search supports. Client’s employment goal was to work in the Health Care Sector where she can utilize her pre-landing education background in Nursing. Client did not have the opportunity to work in the health care sector upon arrival as she lacks the local certification and local work experience that most employers are looking for. In addition, client needed a survival job to earn income right away. Client accepted the nanny job knowing that she was underemployed and not utilizing her pre-landing academic background. Since the layoff, client took this opportunity to pursue a meaningful and sustainable long-term employment in The Health Care Sector.  


Employment Counselor and client discussed strategies to address employment barriers to gaining sustainable employment. Employment Counselor had consulted in-house job developers for additional job search supports. Client had researched the labour market and conducted employer and employee interviews to understand the need for workers in the Health Care Sector and the qualification requirements for the job.  Skills Enhancement Training in Health Care Assistant was identified as the shortest and best option to improve client’s job prospect and matches her interest and passion in taking care of people. Client had strong motivation with positive attitude that helped her tremendously throughout the skills training process. Client was receptive to employment counsellor’s weekly job lead emails, resources, and invitations to virtual job fairs. Client had successfully completed the Health Care Assistant program and had gained industry certification that allowed her to compete for sustainable jobs.  

Client found full time sustainable employment right after her practicum was completed; Client was happy to gain financial independence to support her family. Client shared her gratitude for the supports that she received from WorkBC.   

Start your own business

"I was so lucky to have WorkBC Self-employment Program to back me up along the way and guide me step by step. My business started running at the end of June and was busy since then. I don't think I could do it without your help. Thank you all."

The client worked as an interpreter in the health field for the last 4 years. When the client was laid off, the client realized that there are limited opportunities for interpreter jobs in the medical field and the income is unstable, especially impacted by the COVID 19 pandemic.


The client decided to contribute her passion for entrepreneurship to open her own B & B and planned to focus on providing lodging and related services. The client displayed entrepreneurial suitability, had access to necessary financial contributions and was zealous about the new endeavor. She has provided supporting documents to prove that she’s capable of securing a rental property for the proposed business, and has been accepted to the WorkBC Self-Employment program. The client was excited for this opportunity to obtain the necessary knowledge and experience to proceed and build a successful business, especially to receive support, expertise and mentorship in running her own business.


After making headway in her project - remodeling suite, and participating WorkBC 10-week Business Plan Development Phase, the client entered successfully into the 38-week Business launch and Implementation phase. During this summer, even still under the influence of pandemic, the client started to have earnings and progressing towards a thriving business.

Hiring People with disabilities

Due to the client's eye vision, the client wanted to change her career path. Through WorkBC Richmond's support, the client participated in skills training program with the tuition fee being covered by WorkBC Richmond. 

Hiring People with disabilities

The client applied for a job being in urgent, with WorkBC Richmond's support, he felt relaxed to land the job consequently.

Gain skills and credentials for free

The client successfully pursued her dream in working with children.

The client is a single mom to a 5-year-old daughter and an immigrant from the Philippines. Since her arrival in 2009 she has been working in a customer service role in various industries. She has a degree in Education; however, she was not able to pursue a teaching occupation in Canada due to the timing and the many regulatory requirements that were difficult and challenging to fulfill at that time.


The client needed to earn income immediately upon arrival so she decided to take on entry-level jobs and settled in a customer service type of work until the layoff in 2019.


The Employment Counselor and the client discussed strategies to address employment barriers to gaining sustainable employment. The client was provided with resources and information on the application for the affordable childcare subsidy. It has been identified that Skills Enhancement Training in Early Childhood Education (ECE) was the best option that would improve her job prospect and matches her interest and passion in working with children.


The client had conducted employer and employee interviews, program research, school research, and labour market research.  In addition, her strong motivation, patience, and positive attitude helped her tremendously throughout the skills training process. She was receptive to the employment counsellor’s weekly job lead emails, resources, and invitations to virtual job fairs. The client was provided with childcare support and financial assistance throughout the skills training period and she had successfully completed the ECE program and gained industry certification to compete for sustainable jobs. 

The client is now employed full-time by the same daycare provider where she had her practicum. She shared that it’s a blessing to pursue her passion in working with children and earn income at the same time.  She and her daughter have a brighter future and are grateful for their support at WorkBC Richmond office. 

Occupational Skills Training

From a Tour Director with 20 years of industrial experience to a student of the Therapeutic Recreation Program, it is never too late to make a career change.

The client has been in the tourism sector for 20 years and loved her job as a Tour Director. Not only was she passionate about her job, but she also excelled in her position. However, due to the pandemic that hit in March 2020, the client lost her job. Although she was on CERB, she really wanted to find employment as soon as possible.


Because of the pandemic, it was almost impossible to find employment in tourism. The client realized she needed to change careers to find sustainable employment. Service Canada informed the client about possible skills training funding at WorkBC and referred the client to us in July 2020. She started using WorkBC services, and since then she has been working closely with the Employment Counsellor.


The client was unsure about what training program to take but had a general idea. She always had a strong passion for working with seniors and health care; she planned to take the Health Care Assistant program. The employment counsellor guided her through the training process and encouraged her to research Health Care Assistant before making a decision. After further research, she found a Therapeutic Recreation program and learned that it is a better fit for her. The employment counselor and client worked together to have the training application and package completed in a timely manner.


The client was provided with financial supports in tuition, books and supplies, and other incidental fees. She is grateful for WorkBC Richmond’s assistance as she would not afford to take the training program without the funding. She is excited about her new career and looks forward to finding sustainable employment afterward. The client appreciated the life-changing decision to return to school, and the guidance she received from WorkBC Richmond to embark in her new career path.

Serving people with special needs

We helped a client with disability to find a job within a month.

Client R is a young gentleman living with developmental disability who was born in Pakistan and moved to Canada with his family from South Africa in 2010. Client R has gained great Canadian working experience at various positions including warehousing/stocking/customer service/volunteer with children. His last position was a Front End Associate at Costco Wholesale. Client R left the position due to the impact of the pandemic.


In September, 2020, Client R was ready to start working again and reached out to WorkBC Richmond. Client R met with the Vocational Counsellor (VC) online through Zoom for his first meeting. Though meeting virtually, Client R and VC built rapport easily. Client R was really friendly, personable, and motivated. Client R shared that he has been actively searching for work, but he has some minor comprehension challenges and would need some help with communication with potential employers and also support with preparing for interviews.


Shortly after starting working with VC, Client R participated in an interview with Walmart and was offered a position as a Stockperson/Cartpusher in October. Client R and VC then started working on the documentation required as part of his pre-employment screening and on-boarding tasks. Client R was really proactive and was able to ask for help or clarification from VC when needed. VC supported the client to ask questions constructively when having a three-way conversation with the background check staff. Over several weeks, Client R and VC worked closely setting up goals and checking-in regularly. Client R completed the tasks in a timely manner with prompts and support from VC. Client R was excited to start his new role.


Shopping Carts

Client R had his orientation day at Walmart on October 29th, and called VC immediately after his first shift sharing how great his new workplace was. Client R was really excited when talking about the working environment, the staff member and the staff benefit at work. Client was very happy with his achievement and seemed to be settling in nicely. VC checked in with Client R celebrating his first month at work recently. Client R was ecstatic when sharing his experience with VC and was appreciative of the help and support he received from WorkBC Richmond. We are honored to have supported and helped him thrive in his success story.

Employment Coaching

From a client of WorkBC Richmond to a staff of WorkBC Richmond, nothing is impossible.

For the past ten years, Client J had enjoyed working with a non-profit organization as a Customer Service Representative. However, in May 2019, she received the news that her position would be eliminated due to restructuring. She had remained with the organization until the end of October 2019.

By mid-March 2020, many employers had to re-direct their attention to maintain health and safety at their workspace due to the outbreak of COVID-19, and there was a time that businesses were locked down making it challenging to look for work. Client J almost gave up her job searching.


In mid-April, Client J was approached by WorkBC Richmond asking if she was interested in WorkBC services. Client J was then connected with an Employment Counsellor who gave information about job searches during COVID-19 and provided Client J with employment resources. The facilitator provided feedback on resume and cover letter, and the Job Developer reviewed the resume and sent a number of job postings that would match the skills and experience of Client J. One of the job postings that were forwarded to Client J was a position at a WorkBC centre. Client J prepared herself for the interviews by researching the WorkBC websites and interviewing questions that may be asked during the interviews.


After a vigorous competition, Client J was offered a full-time position in mid-November 2020. The client was grateful for the staff at WorkBC Richmond who gave encouragement, resources, and support to help achieve her employment goal.

Hiring People with disabilities

'I am reliable, I am on time and I am always smiling', Gael has a strong work ethic and she is so passionate about her work.
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